Carmen san diego : where does the famous cambrioleuse of the new animated series Netflix ?

Available January 18 on the platform, Carmen san diego is the animated series of the beginning of the year centered on a cambrioleuse extraordinary. Character lighthouse of the world of the video game, Carmen san diego has the right to a second youth on Netflix. Regarded as the world’s greatest thief in the world, Carmen san diego, also known as the Woman in Red or the Duchess of Cunning, has specialized in the theft of works of art and archaeological treasures. Travelling to the four corners of the world, she takes an evil pleasure to escape from the hands of agents of the ACME, which the dogged relentlessly. A SUPER UGLY ON ALL FRONTS This character iconic was created in 1983 by David Siekfin, in view of a video game from Dane Bigham, controller of the company, Broderbund, released two years later under the title the Pursuit of Carmen san diego in the World (Where in the World Is Carmen san diego ?, in VO). In this adventure game, the player plays the role of a new recruit of the agency, ACME, similar to Interpol, who must track down Carmen san diego and the members of his organization, the CITY, in about thirty cities, calling on his knowledge of history, geography, math and science and his spirit of deduction. The success was immediate for this video game, available at the time on Apple II and edited on a PC, Mac, MegaDrive and Super Nintendo later on. As exciting as it is educational, In the Pursuit of Carmen san diego in the World caused a sensation in the schools and soon came in american popular culture, which was strong for its time because it was a female character origin in the hispano-american, a profile quite rare in the world of the video game. It is his unique personality that has increased his popularity : Carmen, never without his trench coat and his hat red, is very intelligent, unpredictable, arrogant and megalomaniac. She never uses violence, and loves to leave clues behind to taunt his opponents. Netflix The world of Carmen san diego is developed on many media over the years. Other video games in the 1980s and 1990s have led fans to explore time and space. The plots of these opus have helped create two tv shows for children but also an animated series, But where se cache Carmen san diego ?, winner of an Emmy Award in 1996, which has not been made until 10 years later in France ! Comics have also been created by John Peel, Melissa Peterson, or even DC Comics. Carmen san diego is also found in the displays of board games and concert events. A MOVIE AND A SERIES ON NETFLIX With such a popularity for this franchise, it’s no wonder that many film projects in live-action have seen the light of day. As well, Walt Disney had thought of Sandra Bullock in the 1990s to embody it so that Walden Media had approached Jennifer Lopez in 2012, but none of these adaptations has not seen the light of day. Twenty-four years after his arrival on the screens, so it is Netflix that brings back the formidable and crafty Carmen san diego on the front of the stage to inspire a new generation of investigators and explorers in the grass in a reboot of the animated series. It is the talented Gina Rodriguez, known for her role in the series Jane The Virgin and more recently his participation in the film the Annihilation of Alex Garland, who has been chosen to lend his voice to Carmen san diego. We also find Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things, It) to embody vocally, the player character. To believe the first trailer, the personality of Carmen san diego should be more heroic than in the past because she says that she does not steal to thieves, like Robin hood. In the video game, cambrioleuse, presented as an anti-heroine who takes pleasure in stealing works of art, and a morality much more ambiguous. But this is not all because Netflix is also preparing a film in live-action Carmen san diego always in collaboration with Gina Rodriguez who will embody in flesh and bone !